Virtual Team Building

The most effective teams are teams that are engaged and bonded meaningfully. Batoota games believes in innovation and we have migrated team engagements from hotels and resorts to your own screen.

We have conceptualized and conducted a vast number of virtual activities that has enhanced bonding and kept engagement intact during challenging times. Our repertoire of activities includes :

  • Fun Game shows

  • Treasure Hunt

  • Virtual Carnival Games

  • Virtual Jigsaw puzzle challenge

These puzzles and challenges multitudes from varied corporates have experienced first-hand. Solve exciting murder mysteries using clues that are got when you successfully solve team tasks.


Batoota Games believes in teamwork and we have developed immersive, indigenous activities such as The Lost Emerald of Namgarh, Escape from San Arturo, Tomb of Neferka and Virtual Olympic Games which enable participants to play as teams and compete against other teams from the same organization. These games are true team games and teams can communicate with each other with features like in-game chats, eradicating the need for webinar apps. Each player in the team has complete control of the game and actions of one team mate effect the entire team, mimicking real-world scenario.

We have had the privilege to engage participants in our online games from across the globe. We are delighted to render our services in our quest to connect teams irrespective of space and geography.

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